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Izinami Forge is Vex-based and has three platforms where the Guardian can operate; the forge is in the middle of them. The hardest part is when it gets crowded and saboteurs start to harass the Guardian on the middle platform.


This forge has the same lineup as the other forges, but can be even more of a challenge. In this one its recommended that one Guardian stays in the forge area wile the others take one of the sides and toss the batteries up to the middle area. The boss itself has a new feature; this is a Hydra that the players need to damage in two specific areas to drop it's shield. It is not necessary to shoot both but it makes the shield minimal.

Maximum Temper

These two drones can be a challenge if not spotted right away. They spawn on the sides, one on the left and one on the right. It is recommended to target them right away as they spawn. The one on the left (with the back at the forge) spawns on the right side of the left platform. The one on the right (with your back at the forge) spawns where one of the Hobgoblins has its sniper platform.

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