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The Iron Lords were a group of legendary Guardians established before the rise of The Last City and the creation of the Vanguard.[1] They were renowned for their patrols around the City during the Battle of Six Fronts and the building of the Wall.


The Iron Lords had a fortress located on Felwinter Peak which was used as their primary stronghold in Old Russia. Over a hundred years ago, many Iron Lords sacrificed their lives in the battle with Rasputin to claim an ancient technology called SIVA, and the subsequent battle to contain it after it proved to be a significant threat to humanity. Out of the hundreds that went into what would later be named the Plaguelands, only nine Lords made it to the SIVA replication chamber. The nine tried to end the SIVA threat to adverse effects, as SIVA began to infect their weapons and armor, taking their lives in the process. Lord Saladin was long thought to be the only Iron Lord to have survived against the SIVA virus[2] until Efrideet was discovered to be alive when she appeared as an Iron Banner vendor in the Iron Temple.[3]

Within the ranks of the Iron Lords, a famous unit known as the Iron Wolves also existed. While its unknown why they had such renown, it is known that they too fell during the battle with SIVA.

List of known Iron Lords[]