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Imogen Rife was one of the Seven Paladins, and one of the four Armada Paladins.[1]


Imogen Rife played a crucial role in the Reef Wars. Her most noted accomplishment was the capture of Drevis and her High Servitor Kaliks-4, when she tricked the Wolf Baroness to steer directly into the course of the asteroid Bamberga.[1] During the transport of Drevis to Vesta, Rife was attacked by Pirsis' fleet at the asteroid Pallas, starting a siege. She was later killed by Pirsis when the latter attempted to free Drevis and Kaliks-4. After her death, Imogen Rife's protégé Hallam Fen managed to break the Siege of Pallas and transport Drevis to Vesta, and was upon doing so given the empty spot of Armada Paladin.[2]


  • The two shaders Petra Venj sells at Queen's Wrath rank 3, Imogen's Fire and Pallas Victorious, are references to the Siege of Pallas and some of the subsequent events.