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This was our world, our Solar System. We were here first. And no matter what The Darkness brings, we will be here at the dawn.[1]

Humans, known taxonomically as Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man"), are a sentient species native to Earth. They take a no-nonsense approach, a tough and stern outlook with a goal of rebuilding civilization as quickly as possible.[2]


Humans originated on Earth, but everything changed when they discovered the Traveler during an expedition to Mars.[3][4] The Traveler's arrival heralded the start of humanity's Golden Age, a period of prosperity with medical and technological advancements that allowed humans to colonize much of the solar system,[5] triple their lifespan,[5] and even create a sapient race of machines called the Exo.[6]

The Golden Age did not last, however, and a century after it began, an ancient enemy of the Traveler, dubbed the Darkness, nearly eradicated humanity, and all of their settlements across the Solar System were completely lost.[5] The remaining members of humanity fled back to their native planet and were saved by the Traveler, which sacrificed itself to stop this enemy.[5]

Notable Humans[]

For a full list of Humans, please see Category:Human Characters.

Real World[]


  • In terms of player design, Bungie drew its inspiration for humans from military, sports stars, and action movie heroes.[8]


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