This article is about the Fallen house. For the Destiny expansion, see House of Wolves (Expansion).

The House of Wolves is one of the many Fallen Houses.


The House of Wolves resided in The Reef, serving as loyalists to Queen Mara Sov.[1] Vandals acted as royal guards next to the Queen on her throne.[1]

The Wolves' Kell, Virixas, was killed by the Queen's forces during the Reef Wars and the House was plunged into a Civil War over who should take the Kellship. The three factions were led by Skolas, Irxis and Parixas.

Although the House was crippled and manipulated, the Queen's forces began to search for the Prime of the House, Kaliks.[citation needed]

At some point, Skolas led an uprising against the Queen's forces, and began a campaign to control the other Fallen Houses.

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