"Their greed is as much a threat as their blades."

The House of Winter is one of the many Houses of the Fallen army.


While the House of Winter's headquarters are unknown, they are currently present on Venus, along the Shattered Coast and inside the Ishtar Academy. Reports say that they patrol the Ishtar Sink region because of their interest focused on Golden Age ruins, or that their focus is directed on something else near the Vex Citadel above the Waking Ruins.[1]

Notable Members Edit


Main article: Draksis

Draksis was one of the most wanted Kell of the Fallen, until he was killed in his own Ketch by Guardians of Earth.


Main article: Grayliks

Grayliks was a Winter Baron until he was found and killed in Venus' Archive.


Main article: Simiks-3

Simiks-3 was created by the great Prime of the House of Winter that is rumored to have been destroyed long ago. It was uniquely equipped to store large amounts of information and link it between itself and other Servitors.[2]


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