It never starts out scary.
― In-game description

Horror Story is a Legendary Auto Rifle that can be obtained during the Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Horror Story is a full Masterwork weapon.


This weapon has the following lore associated:


Horror Story can be obtained by earning 140 Fragmented Souls over the entirety of the Festival of the Lost event. The weapon is available at Power Level 600 for all Forsaken players. Visit Amanda Holliday to purchase the weapon.


Horror Story can be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 1

Precision Frame perk icon.png Precision Frame
This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Column 2

Red Dot Micro perk icon.png Red Dot Micro
Agile sight. Short zoom.
  • Increases range
  • Increases handling speed

Column 3

Flared Magwell perk icon.png Flared Magwell
Optimized for fast reloading.
  • Slightly increases stability
  • Greatly increases reload speed

Column 4

Zen Moment perk icon.png Zen Moment
Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability.

Column 5

Rampage perk icon.png Rampage
Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

Column 6

Tracker Disabled perk icon.png Tracker Disabled
No tracker is displayed on this weapon.
Kill Tracker perk icon.png Kill Tracker
This weapon tracks the number of enemies you defeated with it.
Crucible Tracker perk icon.png Crucible Tracker
This weapon tracks the number of Crucible opponents you defeated with it.
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