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Hobgoblins are a class of the Vex species.[1] Hobgoblins are larger than their Goblin brethren and can be distinguished by their larger size, different head shape, and distinctive tails.[1] They are designed to attack from a distance using their Line Rifles. Attacking a Hobgoblin will cause them to crouch and emit a solar-based shield that blocks all damage for a few seconds. [2] This shield will cause minor damage if touched.


Mixed amongst other Vex units, Hobgoblins are quick to find cover and stay out of range of their enemies, projecting a shield that protects them from all damage briefly if they are injured. Therefore, they should either be engaged at extreme ranges, or in close quarters, as range allows them to easily be sniped in their cores before they have a chance to put up a sphere, and at close ranges, you can hit them quickly enough that they won't be able to react in time.

As well, when they put up their barrier, you can simply wait for it to deactivate, and either shoot them again before they move or throw a grenade at them. Super abilities also penetrate their barriers.

Hobgoblins are mostly seen wielding the Line Rifle, a charged sniper-like weapon. However, they can also be seen wielding Slap Rifles or, rarely, Torch Hammers.



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