The Heavy Pike is a Fallen vehicle introduced in the House of Wolves expansion. It is slower than a regular Pike, but more robust. It can deploy mines with the R buttons for PlayStation or RB or LB for Xbox. They can be found in a well-hidden cave in the Ishtar Cliffs and Ember Caves.

Description[edit | edit source]

Unlike its smaller counterpart, the Heavy Pike is a slower and more sluggish version of the Pike that bears a new blue color scheme marking the House of Wolves. It also contains two extra engines at the top back fin for extra speed and power.

This model also has upgraded shock cannons in the front that match those seen on Skiff turrets. They deal more damage at the cost of a slower fire rate and overheating easily.

The Arc mines launched from beneath the seat are a great option for taking out enemies, but they take their time to bounce and explode. The controls for these mines are inverted, meaning the left button triggers the right launcher and vice-versa. The launchers have great recoil, resulting in the Heavy Pike being pushed to the opposite side, but this helps in avoiding taking damage from its own mines.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Pike can be found within the first mission of the House of Wolves DLC, but it is no longer available on Venus during Patrol as of The Taken King.

However, it has been re-added to the Combined Arms playlist in Rise of Iron.

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