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Harpy DPV

Harpies are a type of Vex.[1] Harpies are smaller, flying enemies that rapidly dart in and out of battle, occasionally firing from their filament-filled eyes.[1][2]


Harpies always come in decent numbers, and will quickly surround you and fire away with their energy blasts, much like Shanks. Although individually weak, they can easily pin you down with suppressive fire. It's advised to be on the move, aiming for their critical eyes along the way, or getting a good vantage point where they can't get a proper firing angle on you. In addition, they are surprisingly durable too, being able to withstand sniper shots to their body.

A Harpy's weakness is its eye, similar to the heads of other enemies. Harpies must stop and expand before firing, which can be used to your advantage by moving away or placing consistent precision shots. Staggering Harpies will break their firing stance and are slow to recover from them.

When the Epic modifier is active, Harpies gain an Arc shield.


Notable Harpies[]



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