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For other items called Hard Light, see Hard Light.

Ionized polymer synballistic attack platform. The system's lethality is dynamically robust across tactical spaces.
― In-game description

Hard Light is an exotic auto rifle. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Gunsmith Materials, and Legendary Shards.


This weapon has the following lore associated:

Today, we're introducing three revolutionary products.

The first is a quick-config interface for outgoing damage.
The second is a ricochet projectile that bounces off any surface.
And the third an infinite range zero drop-off projection weapon platform.

So! Three new products in the Omolon portfolio. But, unlike other product launches, we won't be staggering the releases.

We will be releasing them all at once.
In a single device.
In extremely limited quantities.

We call it Hard Light.

But there is one more thing.


This item is likely to come from Exotic Engrams or, more rarely, from Legendary Engrams dropped by enemies or found in loot crates, including engrams obtained from vendors for turning in enough tokens.


Hard Light can also be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0[]

Volatile Light perk icon.png Volatile Light
Rounds fired from this weapon have no damage falloff, overpenetrate targets and ricochet off hard surfaces.

Column 1[]

Polygonal Rifling perk icon.png Polygonal Rifling
Barrel optimized for recoil reduction.

• Increases stability

Column 2[]

Alloy Magazine perk icon.png Alloy Magazine
Faster reloads when the magazine is empty.

Column 3[]

Arc Core perk icon.png Arc Core
Modifies this weapon's Damage Type to Arc.
Solar Core perk icon.png Solar Core
Modifies this weapon's damage type to Solar.
Void Core perk icon.png Void Core
Modifies this weapon's damage type to Void.

Column 4[]

Composite Stock perk icon.png Composite Stock
This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock.

• Slightly increases stability • Slightly increases handling speed

Column 5[]

Hard Light Catalyst
Upgrades this weapon to a Masterwork. It will generate Orbs on multikills and gain a tracker that displays the number of enemies defeated by using it. You can upgrade it to improve its stats and perks.
Upgrade Masterwork
Defeat enemies using Hard Light to unlock this upgrade.
Default Ornament perk icon.png Default Ornament
Restores your weapon to its default appearance.
The Future is Chrome perk icon.jpg The Future is Chrome
Equip this weapon ornament to change the appearance of Hard Light.
LethalSystemIcon.jpg Lethal System
Equip this weapon ornament to change the appearance of Hard Light.
BrumalDawnIcon.jpg Brumal Dawn
Equip this weapon ornament to change the appearance of Hard Light.