Hallam Fen is an Armada Paladin in the Royal Awoken Guard.[1]


At the start of the Reef Wars, Hallam Fen was the protégé of Paladin Imogen Rife.[2] When Imogen Rife's fleet was assaulted at Pallas by Pirsis in an attempt to free Drevis and Kaliks-4, Hallam Fen stopped an attack on the Awoken base where they were being held and captured the leader of the assault, Weksis, the Meek.[3]

Fen then managed to open communication with the rest of the Reef and devised a plan to break the siege. With the help of the Crows and the Techeuns, they created an illusion of a Harbinger fleet headed to Pallas. As the Wolf fleet fled, Hallam Fen, Kamala Rior, and Leona Bryl captured Pirsis and transported the captive Wolves to Vesta.[2]

As thanks for his service, the Queen granted Hallam Fen the position of Armada Paladin in place of the fallen Imogen Rife.[2]

Much later, Paladin Fen took part in the capture of Skolas at the fortress of Cybele.[4]


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