Functional. Reliable. Unapologetic.
― Slogan[1]
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Häkke is a weapons manufacturer in Destiny.[1] Häkke is not as concerned about form as they are about performance.[1] Their weapons resemble pre-Golden Age technology, but their weapons' relatable design and superior yet simple offensive capabilities make Häkke a popular manufacturer.[1]

Häkke weapons tend to start with a more even distribution of attributes, allowing them to be more versatile in their upgrade paths.[1] All of their perks concentrate on offensive and tactical actions.[1] Talent grids include a set of scopes optimized for the weapon in the first column, front-loaded perks in the second, and attribute adjustments in the third.[1]

Häkke pulse rifles fire in four-round bursts, as opposed to three like other pulse rifles.[1] Each individual round is slightly weaker, but as a group, they are equal to three-round bursts.[1] Rate-of-fire is also slightly faster.[1]


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