A Hunter using the Golden Gun Ability, part of the Gunslinger subclass.

For the similarly named Warlock subclass, see Sunsinger.
A lone wolf who lives for the perfect shot.

Gunslinger is a Hunter subclass in Destiny.[1][2] Gunslinger's super ability is Golden Gun, a powerful illuminated hand cannon that only allows for three shots, but deals tremendous damage to enemies.[2] Gunslinger also contains some area-control passive abilities that allow players to force enemies to take certain paths or doors.[2] The Golden Gun does not critically hit. Gunslinger Hunters have a natural affinity to ranged combat, unlike a Bladedancer Hunter's close combat focus.

Skill Tree

Gunslinger focus



  • Incendiary Grenade: An explosive grenade that sets enemies on fire, causing additional damage to them. Binds to L1/LB
  • Swarm Grenade: A grenade which detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies. Binds to L1/LB
  • Tripmine Grenade: An explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through its laser trigger. Binds to L1/LB


  • Double Jump: Jump a second time after leaving the ground.


  • Better Control: Upgrades Double Jump for better directional control while in the air.
  • Triple Jump: Upgrades Double Jump with a third jump.
  • Higher Jump: Upgrades Double Jump for even greater height.

Super Ability

  • Golden Gun: Summon a flaming pistol which disintegrates enemies with Solar Light. Binds to R1 and L1/RB and LB


  • Deadeye: Significantly increases the accuracy and damage of Golden Gun.
  • Combustion: Killing enemies with Golden Gun causes them to explode after about one second.
  • Gunfighter: Reduces the cooldown of Golden Gun, allowing it to be used more often.


  • Throwing Knife: Throw a knife from a distance. Binds to R1/RB


  • Circle of Life: Getting a precision kill with Throwing Knife reduces Golden Gun's cooldown.
  • Incendiary Blade: Throwing Knife sets enemies on fire, dealing additional damage over time.
  • Knife Juggler: Precision kills with Throwing Knife immediately resets its cooldown.

Class Modifiers

  • Path Forgotten: Training focused on toughness and speed. +2 Armor, +2 Agility
  • Path Forbidden: Training focused on battle recovery and speed. +2 Recovery, +2 Agility
  • Path Unknown: Training focused on battle recovery and toughness. +2 Recovery, +2 Armor

Ability Modifiers

  • Scavenger: Picking up ammo reduces the cooldown of your grenade and Throwing Knife.
  • Keyhole: Golden Gun overpenetrates and can damage multiple targets.
  • Gunslinger's Trance: Precision kills increase weapon stability. Stacks up to 3 times.

Attribute Modifiers

  • Way of the Drifter: Training focused on all attributes. +1 Recovery, +2 Armor, +2 Agility
  • Way of the Fearless: Training focused on toughness at all costs. +5 Armor
  • Way of the Nomad: Training focused on maximum battle recovery. +4 Recovery, +1 Agility

Additional Modifiers

  • Chain of Woe: Precision kills increase weapon reload speed. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Over the Horizon: Increases the range of Golden Gun. +1 Recovery
  • Gambler's Dagger: Gain an additional Throwing Knife.

Subclass Armor


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