Guided Games is a matchmaking feature in Destiny 2 that allows solo players to seek out clans to play with in end-game activities.[1] It is designed to give every player the chance to try every activity without needing to get players together themselves or going outside the game.[1]

In end-game activities, players can choose to enter Guided Games as either a Seeker or a Guide.[1] When a player enters matchmaking as a Seeker, the game will search for Guide groups for the Seeker to join.[1] When a Guide is found, the Seeker will be presented with a prompt window that contains information about the Guide's clan.[1] The Seeker may choose to agree or decline the Guide.[1] If the Seeker agrees, both the Seeker and the Guide will take an "oath" to be good sports to each other.[2] The Seeker must agree to understand that the Guided clan has their own rules that should be respected, and the Guide must agree to understand that the Seeker may not be very experienced.[2]

Guided Games will be available on Normal difficulties for raids, but not Hard mode.[3]


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