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Grimoire is a player's repository of Grimoire cards, awards that players earn when they perform certain actions such as killing a certain type of enemy or discovering a new location. Performing these feats unlocks Grimoire cards and contributes to a player's overall Grimoire score. The Grimoire score and unlocked bonuses are shared across all of a player's characters on their platform. A player could browse their Grimoire cards by visiting the Bungie web site. However, following the release of Destiny 2, the Grimoire feature was removed from the Bungie web site and the Destiny app. Grimoire cards and their corresponding bonuses can still be unlocked in Destiny but they cannot be viewed.

Grimoire cards are associated with various elements of the game and may be awarded for taking a variety of actions, usually for the first time:

  • Creating a Guardian of a specific class and race.
  • Entering an activity or destination.
  • Entering a Crucible map or playlist.
  • Collecting a dead Ghost or Calcified Fragment.
  • Defeating an Ultra enemy.
  • Receiving an exotic weapon.

Some Grimoire cards have ranks, which can be unlocked by continuing to perform certain actions such as killing a specific type of enemy or using certain enemies. Reaching a higher rank can provide additional gameplay benefits, such as earning experience more quickly or gaining better drops during missions.[1]

There are 834 total Grimoire cards in Destiny and the maximum attainable Grimoire score is 5,615. Some Grimoire cards, along with the Grimoire score they grant, may be unobtainable due to them only being obtained from limited-time events or events that have been discontinued in Destiny.

List of Grimoire Cards[]

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