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Grayor, Wolf Assassin is a Fallen Vandal Major of the House of Wolves who could be found in the Mothyards, Old Russia, Earth. He was the target of a wanted Bounty for The Queen's Wrath.


During the Reef Wars, Grayor was one of Skolas' most loyal servants. He worked closely with Drevis and her Silent Fang.

At some point after the death of Irxis, Grayor and Drevis launched two seperate attacks, Drevis slaughtering the population at the Reef settlement of Amethyst, and Grayor assaulting Parixas' Ketch. Both of these attacks were part of a plan to lure the Queen's Armada to Iris, where Parixas had also been lured to, so that Skolas' rival could be killed.

The plan worked, and in fury over the losses on Amethyst, Paladin Abra Zire attacked Parixas, thinking that she was attacking Drevis. After the battle, Paladin Zire realized her mistake, but it was too late. Grayor and Drevis had already slipped away, while Parixas lay dead.[1]