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Grask, the Consumed is a Taken Cabal Phalanx and the final boss in the Destiny 2 strike Lake of Shadows.


Grask was once a Phalanx who fought for the Red Legion. At some point during the Cabal invasion of Earth, he was deployed in the European Dead Zone. While he was there, at some point he was taken by an unknown individual with the ability to Take (presumably Savathun), and was assigned the role of commanding the Taken within the EDZ. For a short time Grask commanded the Taken against various enemies within the Dead Zone, including the Fallen, Humanity, and even his former allies within the Red Legion. This was short lived, as shortly after the Young Wolf and a fireteam of 2 other Guardians were sent within the EDZ to assassinate him in an attempt to end the Taken threat on Earth.