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Gone to Ground was a quest in House of Wolves. Upon completing the quest, a Guardian would be rewarded with a Royal Amethyst worth 2,500 Glimmer and a Judgment's Right Hand emblem. It was obtainable from Petra Venj after completing the quest The Hunt for Skolas, but was replaced by the quest House of Wolves in The Taken King.


  1. Loot Fallen Vandals, Wanted Fallen, or Fallen Chests on Venus for Fallen Shiplinks.
    • This must be done on Venus Patrol.
    • Obtain 100 Shiplinks. Patrol Fallen drop 4 Shiplinks, Minor Wanted Fallen drop 40.
  2. Bring stolen shiplinks to Variks in the Reef.
  3. Check in with Petra in the Reef for any new intel on Skolas.
  4. Track and eliminate Skolas' assassins heading to Earth.
  5. Return to Petra in the Reef.
  6. Stop Skolas from usurping power from the House of Kings on Earth.
  7. Return to Petra in the Reef.
  8. Check in with Variks in the Reef for any new intel on Skolas.