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Golden loot chests are a special type of loot chest. There are five hidden on each planet. Golden chests are different from regular loot chests in that they are in set locations and can only be opened once per Guardian. The golden chests offer a specific succession of rewards regardless of the order that the chests are opened. As a player opens golden chests, the map of the planet updates a tally of how many have been found.


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  • Dock 13 : From the spawn point in the Steppes, the player should go up the stairs to enter the building on the right of the map. The chest will be sitting on a desk inside the first corridor.
  • Mothyards: In the canyon that leads between the Mothyards and the Forgotten Shore, there is a small opening in the side of the cliff with a stream of water running out of it. The chest is located inside this cave.
  • Forgotten Shore: There is a large broken pier on the left side of the map, beside the path that leads to Skywatch. The chest is on a rock path at the water's edge through the pier supports.
  • Devils' Lair: In the room containing Sepiks Prime, the player should head down the staircase to the right. The chest will be straight ahead at the bottom. This chest can only be obtained during the strike The Devils' Lair.


  1. Gauntlet
  2. Baron RS/2a
  3. Chest Armor
  4. Psi Tempus III
  5. Sparrow

The Moon[]

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  • Archer's Line: The player should go left past the Accelerator building towards Hellmouth and look for a large rock formation on the left of the path. The chest is located behind these rocks.
  • Hall of Wisdom: From Archer's Line, the player should go through the broken dome and down the steep path toward the Hall of Wisdom. At the bottom of the spiral ramp is a light and a small pool of water. To the right of this light is a small cave, inside is the chest.
  • The World's Grave: In the room with The World's Grave computer, the player should face from the mission objective to the entrance platform. The chest is located on a pile of rocks in front of the platform on the right side.
  • Temple of Crota: The player should enter the Temple of Crota and continue downward to a room with a structure hung over a bottomless pit. The chest is located on a platform slightly down into the pit, left of the footbridge.


  1. Nox Cantor III
  2. The Jade Rabbit Emblem
  3. Helmet
  4. Class Item
  5. Chest Armor


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  • Campus 9: When the player enters this area, there is a red-walled building with a concrete patio and guardrails visible in the distance. The player should follow along the patio or jump over the roof to the opposite side of the building to find the chest.
  • Winter's Lair: When the player reaches the caves where the Kell's Guard are first encountered during the Scourge of Winter mission, the player should head to the upper level. The chest is across the area on a small ledge.
  • The Cinders: The chest is on the end of the platform hanging beneath the Ketch, at the opposite end from the entrance to the ship.
  • N/Gen Branch: Right after the player enters the area, the player should head to the right, up the stairs into the building. The chest is in one of the cubicles.


  1. Cydonia-AR3
  2. Heavy Ammo Synthesis x2
  3. Armor
  4. Hieracon-LR5
  5. Class Armor


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  • The Barrens: In the round building next to the large door that opens during the mission Exclusion Zone, on top of three stacked crates.
  • Dust Palace: In the first large room of the Clovis Bray building, diagonally across from the entrance; the chest is behind a desk in an office room marked with the number 3.
  • The Barrens: In the passage from The Barrens to The Hollows, the chest is located halfway through in a broken, overhanging section of the ceiling.
  • Iron Line: On a ledge above and to the right of the large door which leads to The Legion's Keep. It can be reached by jumping up the blue pipes to the door's left and then jumping across the gap.


  1. Trax Mallus III
  2. Encrypted engram
  3. Leg Armor
  4. Strange Coin
  5. Red River Mk. 40