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Gofannon forge is the second forge and is located in the Lost Fuselage in Arcadian Valley on Nessus. To activate this forge, the Guardian needs to activate the quest when Volundr Forge is completed and get the item from a killed Fallen. This forge is held by Fallen when first visited.


The goal with this forge is the same as the former, with three waves of enemies. This one can be a bigger challenge, mostly due to the Servitor that spawns in and can even be a bigger challenge in the boss fight, mostly due to the Servitor shielding the boss and the boss shielding the Servitor.

Maximum Temper

Two drones are located opposite where the Guardian spawns in. One is above in the wreck and the second on the left above the enemies spawn point. It is recommended to take them out as quickly as possible before the player can be overrun.

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