The currency of the City. A programmable matter used as a source of power before the Collapse. Glimmer is shared between all your characters.
― In-game description

Glimmer is a programmable matter that was once used as a source of power during the Golden Age and is now the main currency of The City.[1][2] Glimmer is used to purchase many items and services from vendors in the Tower.[2]

Players can earn Glimmer in many ways, including defeating Majors and Ultras in all game modes, for each completed mission and Crucible win, dismantling weapons and equipment, and for exchanging items found in the field with vendors.[2][3][4] Consuming Black Wax Idol, Blue Polyphage, Ether Seeds and Resupply Codes, temporarily boosts Glimmer gained from killing Hive, Vex, Fallen and Cabal Majors and Ultras, respectively. Glimmer can also be found in various chests hidden across the map in caves and rooms.  Finally, glimmer can also be earned by attaining certain medals in the Crucible.

A player's supply of Glimmer is shared among all of that player's Guardians.[2] The maximum amount of Glimmer that can be held in a player's inventory is 25,000 in Destiny and 250,000 in Destiny 2. If a player hits the Glimmer cap, Master RahoolMaster Ives, and Tyra Karn will refuse to redeem any House Banners, Silken Codices, Axiomatic Beads, Network Keys, or Royal Amethyst when visited.


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