"If there is beauty in destruction, why not also in its delivery?" - Feizel Crux
― In-game description

The Gjallarhorn is an exotic rocket launcher. Gjallarhorn fires rockets which deploy secondary sentries at the site of impact, devastating enemies that come by afterward.[1] The weapon sports an ornate design with multiple decorative wolves emblazoned along its exterior, the most prominent of which protrudes from the front.[2] Gjallarhorn can be obtained from Xur, Agent of the Nine for a total of 17 strange coins.


The Gjallarhorn was designed and personally crafted by Feizel Crux as a gift to the Guardians who fought the Battle of the Twilight Gap. It was forged from the armor of the Guardians who fell in battle.[3]


  • Countermeasure: "Less recoil. Penalty to impact."
  • Linear Compensator: "More predictable recoil. Slight boost to range and impact. More recoil."
  • Warlord Veniers: "More range and impact. Increased recoil."
  • Tracking: "Shells fired from this weapon track their targets."
  • Heavy Warhead: "This warhead considerably improves impact, but fewer can be carried in reserve."
  • Fieldwire Fragments: "Charged fieldwire shrapnel increases impact."
  • Light Warhead: "This compact, lightweight warhead allows you to carry more in reserve."
  • Wolfpack Rounds: "Rounds fired from this weapon split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation."


  • Bungie 3D modeller and Gjallahorn's designer, Mark Van Haitsma, added a wolf onto the weapon for each day he spent working on it.[4] A total of 16 wolves thus far can be seen in in the various images of the weapon.
  • Knights and gladiators inspired the design of the Gjallarhorn.[5]
  • The Gjallarhorn was used in the Destiny live action trailer Become Legend.[6]
  • During the E3 2013 gameplay demo, the Gjallarhorn was called the "Wolfpack." However, during a closed-doors session, Bungie revealed that this name was made up as a joke, similar to how the Patience and Time was nicknamed "Better Than Yours."[citation needed]



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