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Open a gift bag to reveal its contents.
Festival of the Lost 2015

Guaranteed Contents:
Random Rare Mask x1
Random Festival Candy x1

Possible Contents:
Jackolyte x1
Flight of Shadows x1

― In-game description

Gifts of the Lost was a mystery bag from Festival of the Lost 2015. They were given as rewards for the quests Sweet Memories, The Masks We Wear, Playing Pretend, and Face Off!. More could be obtained by filling up an Empty Candy Satchel with candy by killing enemies in PvE and Crucible activities, then bringing the Full Candy Satchel to Eva Levante. After receiving a Gifts of the Lost, Eva Levante would give the Guardian a new Empty Candy Satchel, allowing them to repeat this process indefinitely until the conclusion of the event.

Possible Contents[]