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Gambit Prime is another version of Gambit, a game mode where the objective is to gather 75 motes by killing enemies and depositing it into a bank to summon a boss called a Primeval and kill it. 

In Gambit Prime, there is only one round and your team has to gather 100 motes instead of the normal 75. On the Primeval stage, the boss has a shield that is immune to damage. To break the shield, there will be 2 wizards that spawn in. Once you kill the two wizards, a final wizard will spawn. After the final wizard is dead, a glowing circle will appear from the ground and the Primeval's shield will go down, allowing you to inflict damage on him. If you stand in the circle, all of your shots will count as precision hits, dealing more damage to the boss. After some time, the glowing circle will disappear and you'll have to kill the wizards again until the Primeval is dead.

Armor[edit | edit source]

While you play Gambit Prime, you will begin to collect synths. There are 4 types of synths: Collector, Reaper, Sentry, and Invader. Those motes help you craft armor that only works in Gambit Prime. There are different ranks of the gear: Illicit, Outlawed, and Notorious. Illicit is the lowest rank, while Notorious is the highest rank. You can craft the gear from a game mode called The Reckoning, where you kill enemies to charge up the Synthesizer, the item you collect from Drifter. 

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