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Fusion rifle concept art[1]

Fusion Rifles are a Weapon category in Destiny used by Guardians. It is unconfirmed whether fusion rifles are Primary Weapons, Special Weapons, or Heavy Weapons.

Fusion rifles' over-penetrating burst fire, incredible power, and advanced energy disbursement technology make them "a favorite of daring weapons collectors."[1]

Warning! The following information is conjecture and is not official or dependable.

Sufficient evidence exists to reasonably assume that fusion rifles are Primary Weapons. Such weapons as the Conduit F3 have numerous similarities to other primary weapons such as Pulse Rifles, including in appearance, burst-fire configurations, and assault-style sights. Though contrary to this, in the November 15th Bungie Weekly Update it is stated that one developer chose his Gaurdian loadout to contain an Auto Rifle, a Fusion Rifle, and a sniper rifle. This is suggestive that the fusion rifle is actually a Special Weapon.

Article conjecture ends here.

Design and Inspiration

Fusion rifles are a new, emerging technology for Guardians, reverse-engineered from technology captured from hostile species.[1] Early fusion rifles were deemed inherently unstable and suffered from possibly faulty radiation shielding.[1] Modern fusion rifles such as the Conduit F3 solve this problem through a barrel configuration that "dampens the wattage use needed to power the inertial chamber".[1]


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