Recommended Light: 320

Used to incite the fury of the Devil Splicers in Archon's Forge.

Face a Splicer onslaught led by a <Captain/trio of Dregs/Vandal/Servitor/Shank Master> fused with basic SIVA technology.
― In-game description

Fused SIVA Offering is a consumable used to activate a Tier 1 event in the Archon's Forge. The type of encounter that this offering corresponds to is dependent of the class of Fallen that dropped it.

Possible Encounters[edit | edit source]

Each encounter is represented by a the color of the SIVA liquid inside a vial.

  1. A Captain with basic SIVA technology (red)
  2. A Vandal with basic SIVA technology (red)
  3. A Servitor with basic SIVA technology (blue)
  4. A Vandal Shank Master (yellow)
  5. A trio of Fused Dregs (yellow)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Only one of this item can exist in the Vault or a Guardian's inventory at one time.
  • Dropped offerings that are not picked up will not be sent to the Postmaster.
  • Offerings will continue to drop from spliced Fallen enemies until the Guardian obtains one in their inventory.

References[edit | edit source]

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