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Face the Fist of Crota leading the Spawn on Earth.
― In-game description

Fist of Crota is a story mission in The Dark Below.



All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms.

{Loading screen}

  • ERIS MORN: We went to the Moon seeking vengeance, but it found us first. Crota, the Son of Oryx. We'd never faced anything like him. In the end, only I was left. Crota and his armies destroyed our Moon. If we don't stop them, I fear Earth will suffer the same fate.


The Guardian lands in The Blast, where a large battle rages between Fallen and Hive. A Skiff drops off Fallen troops. Omnigul, the Will of Crota appears, letting out a piercing shriek. She summons more Hive enemies, including Thrall, Knights, and Cursed Thrall.

  • ERIS: Sardon commands the Hive spawn on Earth. Search the Grotto, find this monster, and see to his end.

The Guardian makes their way into the building towards the Refinery.

  • ERIS: Sardon is the first of Crota's disciples. His army helped shatter the moon and claim it for his master. His presence here is a sign: the Hive are preparing to wake Crota's soul.

Upon entering the Refinery, a loud metal grinding sound is heard around the corner. The Guardian stops to investigate. Three Acolytes are kneeling in a circle, a green cloud swirling above them. As the Guardian approaches, the cloud grows, and a Knight Blade of Crota appears. The Guardian kills the Knight and the worshipping Acolytes. The Knight's cleaver falls to the floor. The Guardian continues into the winding tunnels towards The Grottos.

  • ERIS: I survived for years in the tunnels under the moon, using the shadows as the Hive do. Keep your eyes open.

Arriving in The Grottos, the Guardian comes across another green cloud. Sardon, Fist of Crota appears. The Guardian kills Sardon.

  • ERIS: Now that Sardon has fallen, come see me. There is more to do. The rest of Crota's disciples will not cease until Earth is ready for their master's return.

{Mission ends}


Before Sardon spawns, the Guardian is given the A Dark Burden debuff, which negates the double-jump ability. If in close shooting range, he will use his Cleaver to make a ground earthquake attack. If in melee range, he will swing his Cleaver. He will chase you if not in range. Acolytes and Thralls will spawn from two entrances, both of which are shielded by a shroud of darkness.


  • Originally, this mission was only playable once by the same Guardian. However, it was made replayable in Hotfix