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So the encounter begins right where the last one left off, there's no travelling to the next room or anything like that, and in order to begin the fight all members of your fireteam have to stand within the vicinity of the summoning crystal in the center of the room you spawn in. You'll know you're close enough when your screen turns green around the edges, have everyone stand there for a few seconds and you should soon be rewarded with the Presence of Crota debuff, which will permanently disable any health and shield regeneration unless you are holding the chalice of light.

So what is the chalice of light? It's an item that can be picked up from the middle of the room between Crota and where your group spawns that allows the person currently holding it to regenerate their health, and I say currently holding it because a main mechanic of this fight is taking the chalice from one another in order to restore your health when your shields are low. To take the chalice from another play just run up to them and hold X,

The second mechanic of this fight is taking care of the swordbearers, so obviously the ultimate goal of this encounter is to defeat Crota but unfortunately it is impossible to lower his health using any other means beside the sword, which is dropped from the Swordbearer when you kill him.

Now comes the tricky part. When Crota's shields are completely depleted, he will kneel on the ground for 3 - 4 seconds allowing the person holding the sword to run up to him and swing a couple times while he's incapacitated.

You have two different attacks while wielding the sword and the most efficient order to attack him with is Right Bumper, Right Bumper, Right Trigger, Right Trigger. For playstation players that's R1, R1, R2 R2. Now remember you only have a few seconds while he's kneeling on the ground so as soon as you get those few hits on him you'll want to high tail it out of there before he kills you.

Your fireteam will then begin firing at his shields once again to lower them and inform you of when to jump up with the sword and swing. If your team is well coordinated you can typically lower his shields, jump up and damage him with the sword twice each time before the sword dissappears and you're forced to get a new one by killing another swordbearer.

After a period of time Crota will change positions from the front of the room and run over to the right side. This is why your group should be standing at the top of the left staircase instead of the right, as otherwise you'll have an angry demon standing on top of you hacking away at your group.

It's still possible to perform all the duties of a shooter or swordbearer when he's over there but jumping up to him is a tad trickier, just make sure to coordinate well with your fireteam and you should be alright.

After a while Crota will then move back to the center, following a repeating pattern of Center, right, center, left, center, right, so on and so forth. Every time he goes to the left staircase two ogres will spawn in the room so it is imperative that your fireteam regroups inside the building one floor below where you just spawned, the same place you started for the last fight.

Take the time in there to pass around the chalice and regroup and soon the two ogres will appear in front of you through the doorway, just take them out from the safety of your cave and then wait for Crota to move back to the center of the room before relocating back to the top of the staircase.

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