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The Fallen are a scourge, tirelessly engaged in war against us and scavenging all that remains.[1]

The Fallen, or Eliksni in their native language,[2] are a nomadic species of four-armed bipedal humanoids. They are a race of pirates and mercenaries located on Earth, the Moon, VenusThe ReefMarsNessusIo, and Titan, and are one of the primary antagonist races in the Destiny series.[3][4]

Biology and Morphology[]

The Fallen are an agile race with four arms, three fingers, and two legs, giving them the ability to scale walls with ease.[5] The race expresses a complex understanding of technology as they possess advanced armor, weapons, vehicles, and space-faring capabilities.[6] They have the capability to speak Earth languages to varying degrees. Variks, a member of the House of Judgment, is one of the few to speak them fluently. The Fallen have four eyes that glow a bright white-blue when they are alive, but once killed, the light dies out. In their mouths are two rows of sharp, knife-like teeth, indicating that the Fallen are carnivorous in nature. This is also implied from Saint-14 when he said he saw Dregs eating children.[7] The Fallen are also capable of growing back their arms, as Dregs are allowed to develop their lower two arms upon being granted the honor of becoming a Vandal.[8]

Fallen cannot survive without Ether, which is distributed to them by their Servitors.[9] Their armor contains a supply of Ether and serves as a life support system, similar to a spacesuit.[10] When killed with precision damage, the Fallen's Ether will be released from their armor.


The Fallen have little to no knowledge of their history before an event they call "the Whirlwind."[10] (A devastating attack on the Eliksni by the Darkness and later the Hive), only that they were once blessed by the Traveler. After the Whirlwind, the Fallen began a new, nomadic way of life, living in their massive Ketches and plundering desolate ruins.[11] Eventually, they spread throughout the Solar System, claiming areas of Earth, the Moon, and Venus.

While the Fallen often settle in abandoned facilities on various worlds such as Earth, the Moon, and Europa, they are nomadic and therefore have no permanent strongholds in these regions, but instead call their Ketchs home.


Fallen technology is highly advanced, with energy weapons, advanced armor, and space-faring capabilities.[12]




In combat, Fallen warriors operate in packs led by Captains and sometimes employ small drones called Shanks and/or large beetle-like tanks known as Walkers. Fallen Houses are led by Kells, the masters of the massive Ketches.


Single Shank
Main article: Shank

Shanks are airborne drones that possess minimal intelligence, and attack in large numbers. They serve as cannon fodder. Shanks receive a bigger defense upgrade with the epic modifier active as they gain a solar shield.


Main article: Dreg

Dregs are the lowest ranking Fallen in the chain of command. They are thieves driven by desperation and rage. They are crafty, but tend to give away their position with their clattering and hissing. Dregs wield shock daggers and pistols, and can be easily distinguished from other Fallen ranks by only having two fully-developed arms as opposed to the usual four.[1] The other arms are docked and prevented from developing until they have proven themselves worthy to become Vandals.


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The riflemen of the Fallen invasion force, Vandals are of a higher rank than Dregs, with weapons capable of long-range attacks and deadlier force. The disadvantage of the Vandal's powerful Wire Rifle is their requirement of a longer charge time.[1]


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Captains are the fiercest of the Fallen hierarchy, distinguished by their heavy armor and adorned cape. They often wield twin swords in combat, but can also have an assortment of other weapons. Captains have a sense of nobility about them and consider humanity to be an inferior race.[1]


Servitor Small
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Servitors are floating, spherical Fallen that have powerful attack capabilities, being able to dish out more damage than the rest of the Fallen by launching Void projectiles from an eye-like structure on their frames. The Fallen Archons worship the Servitors, as they are the Fallen's source of Ether.


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Rixis Achron Slayer

Archons are high priests of the Fallen, serving as intermediaries between the Servitors and Kells of each individual house. They function as the protector of their house's Prime Servitor. A massive Servitor who is responsible for a large percentage of Ether Production within their respective houses. Archons fight much like Captains, except they have a "Smash" ability and have a far higher damage tolerance. One of the most notable Archons is Riksis.


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Kells are the leaders of the Fallen Houses. It was they who declared that all of humanity's territories now belong to the Fallen. They are typically the largest Fallen. Kells, Archons and Prime Servitors form a symbiotic circle as houses rely on all three for their continued survival. Without a Kell the house would collapse due to lack of leadership. Without an Archon there would be no middle ground between the Kell and the Prime Servitor. Without a Prime Servitor the house's Ether supply would take a massive hit due to the loss of a massive producer of Ether.

Fallen Houses[]

Most Fallen are organized into distinct houses of nobility, some of which are as hostile to each other as they are to The City, which suggests that there is brutal infighting within the species itself.[13]

House of Devils[]

The House of Devils is based on Earth, and is considered "the scourge of The City." They led the battle of the Twilight Gap and the destruction of London, and are currently invading Old Russia in search of an object buried beneath the surface. This house's color is crimson.

House of Exile[]

The House of Exile is a minor house based on the Moon. They consist mostly of outcast and disgraced Dregs, who are galvanized by pride, hate, or the desire for freedom. They are noted by Variks to not follow an Archon or Kell, and do not have a Prime Servitor. This house's color is green.

House of Judgment[]

The House of Judgment is a house in the Reef. It is one of the oldest houses, and the only known living member is Variks, the Loyal. After the breakout at the Prison of Elders, Variks has named himself Kell of the House of Judgment, and has since been recruiting Fallen who were imprisoned to his cause.

House of Kings[]

The House of Kings is a house on Earth but are rarely seen by the eyes of Guardians. However, on several occasions, Guardians can find the House of Kings by patrolling the Terrestrial Complex. They are considered the most brutal house of all of the Fallen and hold rivalries with the other houses and The City alike. This house's color is gold.

House of Rain[]

The House of Rain is an extinct Fallen House known for their prophecies.

House of Scar[]

The House of Scar is an extinct Fallen House mentioned by Variks.

House of Stone[]

The House of Stone is an extinct Fallen House who "stood before the Maw" of what is assumed to be The Darkness. Their Kell was Chelchis, Kell of Stone, who is still highly revered by the Fallen. The House of Stone was presumably destroyed shortly after Chelchis died at the hands of Oryx during the Whirlwind.

House of Winter[]

The House of Winter is a house located on Venus, where the group shows much interest on the ruins of the Academy along the Shattered Coast. They also show some interest in the Vex Citadel. This house's color is teal.

House of Wolves[]

The House of Wolves was once located in The Reef, where they served as Queen Mara Sov's royal guards. Two Vandals would stand on both sides the Queen's throne, guarding her from outsiders while she spoke. However, when Skolas returned, the house brutally rebelled by killing many of the Queen's Awoken royal guards. They then fled to the inner solar system, resulting in the Queen opening The Reef to the Guardians so that they would hunt the house down in exchange for the riches of her realm. After the events of House of Wolves, the survivors attempted to eke out an existence on Mars. This house's color is dark blue.

House of Dusk[]

Following numerous defeats around the system, coupled with dwindling supplies and the arrival of the Red Legion, the Fallen were forced to abandon their ancestral ways, burning their house banners and abandoning their house armors they adopted a new, singular identity: The House of Dusk. Now clothed in purple armor, these survivors of their endless war against their own extinction now march under a single banner. The House of Dusk holds territory on Earth, Titan, and Nessus.

House of Light[]

The House of Light is a more recently known Fallen House, and was founded by its Kell, Mithrax, The Forsaken. The House of Light is a unique house, as it was founded to promote cooperation and an alliance between the Eliksni and the Last City. They are the second House that has not been directly hostile to the Last City, with the first being the House of Judgment.

House of Salvation[]

The newest known Fallen House, the House of Salvation are led by Eramis, who aims to bless members of the House with the power of Stasis. It was mentioned by Variks that the House of Salvation is the unification of the weakened houses that already existed, e.g Kell's Scourge.


Not every Fallen is a member of a house, and some even go on to form organizations of their own outside the House system. Notable houseless Fallen include Taniks, the Scarred.

Other Fallen Organizations[]

The Scorn[]

The Scorn consist entirely of undead Fallen who were revived by Fikrul, the Fanatic using Darkness-tainted Ether. Like most who are corrupted by the Darkness, the Scorn are dedicated only to themselves and destroying anything that stands in their way of power. After the death of most of the Scorn barons by the hands of the Young Wolf, Fikrul began a new campaign to kill off the remaining Fallen in the system, in an attempt to convert them all to Scorn. They operate within the Tangled Shore, as well as the Dreaming City. They are also the first Fallen-based group to ally with the Hive.

Spider's Crime Syndicate[]

"Spider's Crime Syndicate" is, as the name suggests, an Eliksni-based crime syndicate that operates within the Tangled Shore. They were founded and are led by the slovenly Fallen mob-boss who named himself "Spider". The Syndicate is notable for assisting Petra Venj and the Young Wolf in their campaign to fight the Scorn and hunt down Uldren Sov.

Kell's Scourge[]

Kell's Scourge is an anarcho-terrorist group founded by the brother of Spider named Siviks, Lost to None. They consist primarily of former House of Dusk members, and are dedicated to causing chaos wherever they go. They are notable in their campaign to take control of the Black Armory vaults, and their eventual defeat by the Young Wolf, with the assistance of Ada-1.

Notable Fallen[]


  • You can encounter Fallen in the Infinite Forest on Mercury in Destiny 2.
  • It is somewhat suggested that the Hive and Fallen may be able to breed with each other by the Spider (during the "Broodhold" strike) Hiraks, the Mindbender and the Hive Witch, the spider calls them "star crossed lovers" and some hive knights during this strike can be seen "infected" with ether.



House of Wolves



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