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Factions are in-universe groups with which various characters, including Guardians, can align themselves. Most faction representatives are located in the Tower, selling unique weapons and armor for their factions.[1][2] In addition to the main factions, there are several other sub-factions associated with certain activities and vendors.


In Destiny, each faction has a reputation associated with it. Reputation is earned by performing activities, and will periodically "rank up" once a certain amount has been earned. Upon ranking up, the faction will send the player a package containing a random piece of Faction-specific gear, and for ranks 1-3 will also unlock additional items for purchase at the faction's vendor.

Any activity the player performs will contribute to either of these factions- Crucible matches will contribute to Crucible, while Story Missions, Strikes, and Patrol will contribute to Vanguard. Bounties from Berg 99-40 or Xander 99-40 will also contribute to these factions.

A player must pledge to one of these factions in order to earn reputation with them; doing so will cause any activity that earns Vanguard or Crucible rep to also earn faction rep. A player may only be pledged to one faction at a time and may only pledge to a new faction once per week.

Some factions have been removed from Destiny 2, and are currently in the Destiny Content Vault.

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