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The Revolution was here?!
|skin=Iridescent, camouflage, or plain variants of the color spectrum
{{BigQuote|Ask yourself: what threatened your [[Golden Age]] ancestors so much that they constructed the Exos to defend themselves?<ref name="Grimoire Video MoreConsole">{{RefVideo|Username=MoreConsole|year=2013 July 02|hostsite=[]|url=|title=Destiny News - Grimoire Cards Explained!|time=2:04|accessed=05 July 2014}}</ref>}}
'''Exos''' are a [[species]] of humanoid machines, both for [[Guardian|player]]s and [[Non-Player Character|non-player characters]], in ''[[Destiny]]''.
== History and Origins ==
Exos began as self-aware war machines developed by [[human]]ity during the [[Golden Age]]<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = @DestinyTheGame|year = February 25, 2014|url =|title = Did You Know: The Exo began|publisher = Twitter|accessed = June 15, 2014}}</ref> for a long forgotten war,<ref name="Grimoire Video MoreConsole" /> with the sole purpose of protecting their creators.<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = Stuart|firstname = Kieth|year = April 28, 2014|url =|title = Destiny – how the makers of Halo plan to change the future of shooters|publisher = The Guardian|accessed = June 15, 2014}}</ref> They were rebooted during the [[Collapse]] and now have no memory of their original function.<ref name="GI Print Article">{{RefArticle|firstname=Matt|lastname=Miller|year=January 2014 Print Edition|url=|title=A Player's Journey: Destiny|publisher=[ Game Informer]|accessed=31 Dec. 2013}}</ref> Exos are "so advanced that nothing short of a [[Ghost]] can understand their inner functions. They remain ciphers, even to themselves; their origins and purpose lost to time. Whoever built the Exos fashioned them in humanity's image, gifting them with diversity of mind and body. Many of [[The City|the City's]] Exo citizens live and work alongside their organic brethren, while others fight again, reforged in the Light of [[the Traveler]] to serve as Guardians."<ref name="Grimoire Video MoreConsole" />
== Notable Exos ==
* [[Anahera-3]]
* [[Banshee-44]]
* [[Cayde-6]]
* [[Eriana-3]] (deceased)
* [[Exo Stranger]]
* [[Gaunt]]
* [[Lakshmi-2]]
* [[Lilavati-12]]
* [[Saint-14]] (deceased)
* [[Shiro-4]]
== Trivia ==
* In terms of player design, [[Bungie]] drew its inspiration for the Exo from such sources as the [[w:c:halo:John-117|Master Chief]], [[Wikipedia:The Terminator|The Terminator]], and the undead.<ref name="GDC 2013" /> At their presentation at the [[GDC 2013 Panel|2013 Game Developers Conference]], those of the species were described by [[Joe Staten|Joseph Staten]] and [[Christopher Barrett]] as being "sinister, powerful, and tireless."<ref name="GDC 2013">[[GDC 2013 Panel]]; 39:45. Retrieved on 14 Oct. 2013</ref>
* It is possible that the number after an Exo's name represents the number of times their memory has been wiped, as evidenced by Banshee-44's dialogue.<ref></ref>
* According to some sources, Exo Guardians experience a high rate of insomnia, second only to Hunters.<ref>[[Dream-Eater Grasps]]</ref>
* The [[Neuroghast 1.0]] armor set was designed especially for Exo [[Hunter]]s.<ref>[[Neuroghast 1.0 (Gauntlets)]]</ref>
== Gallery ==
Exo Warlock.jpg|An Exo [[Warlock]].
Clayde-6 vanguard.png|[[Cayde-6]], an Exo [[Hunter]].
== References ==
<references />
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The Revolution was here?!

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