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For the emblem in Destiny 2, see European Dead Zone (Emblem).

"European Dead Zone was ground-zero for a cataclysmic event that left a massive shard of The Traveler — the source of every Guardian's power and immortality — embedded in the vast landscape. For years, only wild vegetation and the remains of an abandoned city were evidence of our forgotten past. Now, the Red Legion are using the European Dead Zone as a staging ground for their war machine."

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The European Dead Zone (EDZ) is a region on Earth and a destination in Destiny 2.[1] It has also served as a location for two Crucible maps in Destiny. Many of the man-made signs in this region contain German writing, suggesting it's located in some region where the dominant language is German, such as Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.


The Red Legion began occupying the Zone after the Last City was invaded. Guardians will travel to the European Dead Zone in order to reclaim their powers from the Traveler's shard found there. The region contains many Lost Sectors and Adventures to partake in, as well as twenty-one Region Chests to find. The Fallen House of Dusk are also active in the Dead Zone, as well as the Taken, remnants from the Taken War, continue to linger within the region.


Some time ago, possibly during the Collapse, an unknown event occurred that left a massive shard of the Traveler stuck in the EDZ. This shard caused the region to become completely deserted, save for some human explorers.

Following the invasion of The Last City, Dominus Ghaul deploys his forces to mobilize within the region, causing the region to become a major warzone between the Taken, Fallen and Cabal. Guardian forces have also fled to the Dead Zone in order to hide and recover from the invasion, establishing The Farm as a new base of operations.


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  • The European Dead Zone was originally intended to be a playable destination in Destiny.



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