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"Ancient power awaits you on Europa."

— The Io Pyramid

Europa (also called Jupiter II) is one of the Galilean moons in orbit of the planet Jupiter. Vex influence is known to be present on the icy moon. It is also the location of the Deep Stone Crypt, and the resting point of a Pyramid that entered the Solar System during the Golden Age. Humanity once had a colony on Europa, but it was lost during the Collapse. Now, abandoned cities submerged beneath the ice are all that remain.[1][2]

This place is the birthplace of the Exo race.

Concept art of Europa was released during the Destiny Reveal Press Conference.

It is the main destination in the Destiny 2 expansion Beyond Light.


The moon's outer layer is made up mostly of ice, and once supported a thriving human colony owned by the Clovis Bray corporation, which was lost during the Collapse. Now abandoned cities, buried in ice, are all that remain. One of the legends of the Nine states that they originate from either Europa, a moon of Jupiter, or Titan, a moon of Saturn. Brother Vance claimed that Osiris met with the Nine on Europa, but it "wasn't the right time."


Guided by messages from the K1 Anomaly, Clovis Bray I discovered an artifact or entity on Europa which he called "Clarity Control", which granted him the ability to combine its power and Radiolaria to create an ingredient vital to the Exo project that he dubbed "alkahest." In doing this, the Deep Stone Crypt was constructed to facilitate the production of alkahest, processing Vex from the blue hypergiant 2082 Volantis. Following a series of mishaps involving Elisabeth Bray's objections to the project, Clovis sealed his consciousness within the Crypt for eternity.

Nearly three years after the conclusion of the Red War and after the long journey of the main fleet back to the system, the Europan Pyramid re-emerged from the ice and out into the open surface, where it was quickly re-discovered. Later, Eris Morn and the Drifter, who were contacted by the Exo Stranger, were seen headed towards Europa to find the very ship.


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