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A coded engram dropped after defeating.

An engram is an encrypted state of matter considered to be an object's purest form.[1] Engrams can be decrypted into a usable state by cryptarchs.[2]

In gameplay, engrams can be dropped from defeated enemy species, obtained from completing various activities, and purchased from Cryptarchs.[3]

Engrams in Destiny[]

Engrams come in five tiers of rarity:

Engram Color Possible rarities of contents
Encoded/Matter White Basic
Coded/Encrypted Green Uncommon or rare
Decoherent/Encrypted Blue Rare or legendary[4]
Legendary Purple Legendary or exotic[4]
Exotic Yellow Exotic

Each engram is of a particular weapon or armor type and stored in the Guardian's corresponding inventory slot until decoded. When decoded, engrams become a particular weapon or armor piece, scaling with the player's level and Light at the time it is decoded. Engrams can sometimes be decoded into a different type of item, such as a Strange Coin, Mote of Light, or artifact.

Encoded Engrams can be decoded immediately by players in the field.[5] Coded Engrams must be decoded by a cryptarch until the Guardian reaches Cryptarch reputation 1 and level 15, at which point coded engrams will be decoded immediately in the field. Some encrypted and rarer engrams may require to be decoded by a cryptarch.

Any encrypted, legendary, or exotic engrams that a Guardian fails to pick up in the field will be sent to the Guardian's Postmaster.​

This table lists all of the standard Destiny engram icons by type and rarity.

Types of Engrams
Primary Weapon Special Weapon Heavy Weapon Helmet Gauntlets Chest Armor Leg Armor Class Item
Basic Basic Primary Weapon Engram icon Basic Special Weapon Engram icon Basic Heavy Weapon Engram icon Basic Helmet Engram icon Basic Gauntlet Engram icon Basic Chest Armor Engram icon Basic Leg Armor Engram icon Basic Class Item Engram icon
Uncommon Uncommon Primary Weapon Engram icon Uncommon Special Weapon Engram icon Uncommon Heavy Weapon Engram icon Uncommon Helmet Engram icon Uncommon Gauntlet Engram icon Uncommon Chest Armor Engram icon Uncommon Leg Armor Engram icon Uncommon Class Item Engram icon
Rare Rare Primary Weapon Engram icon Rare Special Weapon Engram icon Rare Heavy Weapon Engram icon Rare Helmet Engram icon Rare Gauntlet Engram icon Rare Chest Armor Engram icon Rare Leg Armor Engram icon Rare Class Item Engram icon
Legendary Legendary Primary Weapon Engram icon Legendary Special Weapon Engram icon Legendary Heavy Weapon Engram icon Legendary Helmet Engram icon Legendary Gauntlet Engram icon Legendary Chest Armor Engram icon Legendary Leg Armor Engram icon Legendary Class Item Engram icon
Exotic Exotic Primary Weapon Engram icon Exotic Special Weapon Engram icon Exotic Heavy Weapon Engram icon Exotic Helmet Engram icon Exotic Gauntlets Engram icon Exotic Chest Armor Engram icon Exotic Leg Armor Engram icon Exotic Class Item Engram icon

Other Engrams[]

Engram Color Cryptarch Rep
Deceptive Green +300[citation needed]
Sublime Purple +150
Legacy Gold +300

Deceptive engrams decrypt into a random primary weapon of exotic rarity. One was given to all Year 1 Destiny players as part of the Veteran's Tour quest in Year 2.

Sublime engrams contain legendary PlayStation-exclusive items. They were previously available only on PlayStation platforms, but are now available to all other platforms.

Legacy engrams contain legacy (Year 1) exotic armor pieces or weapons. They can only be purchased from Xûr.

Iron engrams contain Year 1 Iron Banner Armor. They were sold by Lord Saladin during Iron Banner events in Rise of Iron, but can now be obtained from the Silver Dust Kiosk.

Engrams in Destiny 2[]

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The following is a list of engrams that can be found in Destiny 2:

Icon Engram Name Rarity Possible Content Rarities How to Obtain
Encoded Basic Basic Randomly drops until level 10.
Encrypted Engram icon (Destiny 2) Encrypted Uncommon Uncommon Randomly drops after level 5 and continues to drop until level 15.
Decoherent Engram icon (Destiny 2) Decoherent Rare Rare Randomly drops after reaching level 10. It can also be obtained from mission rewards (which requires decryption).
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Legendary Legendary Legendary Randomly drops after reaching level 20.
Exotic Engram icon (Destiny 2) Exotic Exotic Exotic Randomly drops after reaching level 20.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) EDZ Legendary Legendary Turn in EDZ Tokens, Dusklight Shards, and Dusklight Crystals to Devrim Kay.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Arcology Legendary Legendary Turn in Arcology Tokens, Alkane Dust, and Alkane Spores to Sloane.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Nessus Legendary Legendary Turn in Nessus Tokens, Microphasic Datalattices, and Quantized Datalattices to Failsafe.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Io Legendary Legendary Turn in Io Tokens, Phaseglass Needles, and Phaseglass Spires to Asher Mir.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Lighthouse Legendary Legendary Turn in Mercury Tokens, Simulation Seeds, and Simulation Buds to Brother Vance.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Crucible Legendary Legendary Complete Crucible matches and challenges to earn Crucible Tokens for Lord Shaxx.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Gunsmith Legendary Legendary Turn in Gunsmith Materials to Arcite 99-40 or Banshee-44.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Vanguard Research Legendary Legendary Complete Meditations to earn Vanguard Research Tokens for Ikora Rey.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Vanguard Tactician Legendary Legendary Complete Strikes and challenges to earn Vanguard Tactician Tokens for Commander Zavala.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Imperial Legendary Legendary Complete the Leviathan raid and its challenges to earn Emperor Calus Tokens for Benedict 99-40.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Trials Legendary Legendary Complete Trials of the Nine matches to earn Trials of the Nine Tokens for the Emissary of The Nine.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Iron Legendary Legendary Complete Iron Banner matches to earn Iron Banner Tokens for Lord Saladin.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Dead Orbit Legendary Legendary Align with Dead Orbit during a Faction Rally event to earn Dead Orbit Tokens for Arach Jalaal.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Future War Cult Legendary Legendary Align with Future War Cult during a Faction Rally event to earn FWC Tokens for Lakshmi-2.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) New Monarchy Legendary Legendary Align with New Monarchy during a Faction Rally event to earn New Monarchy Tokens for Executor Hideo.
Legendary Engram icon (Destiny 2) Luminous Legendary Legendary or Exotic Complete the weekly milestones Flashpoint, Call to Arms, Nightfall, Prestige Nightfall, and Clan XP Contribution.
Bright Engram icon (Destiny 2) Bright Legendary Rare, Legendary, or Exotic Received upon a character reaching level 20 or purchased from Tess Everis. This engram was only available during Season 1.
Illuminated Engram icon Illuminated Legendary Rare, Legendary, or Exotic Received upon a character reaching level 20 or purchased from Tess Everis. This engram is only available during Season 2.
Exotic Engram icon (Destiny 2) Fated Exotic Exotic Purchased from Xûr for 97 Legendary Shards. (One engram per week.)
Dawning Engram icon (Destiny 2) Dawning Legendary Rare, Legendary, or Exotic This engram was obtainable during the Dawning event.
Crimson Engram icon (Destiny 2) Crimson Legendary Rare, Legendary, or Exotic Received as a random completion reward during the Crimson Days event by playing in the Crimson Doubles Crucible playlist.

Retired Engrams[]

Engrams that you can no longer recieve in Destiny 2.

Icon Engram Name Rarity Possible Content Rarities


Destiny Engram Icons[]


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