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A selection of Emblems from the Destiny First Look Alpha

Emblems are customizable, purchasable backgrounds for Guardian nameplates.[1] Emblems are visible to other players in loading screens and after Crucible matches.[2] The second line of text shown in the emblem lists the player's clan.

Emblems can be obtained from:

List of Emblems in Destiny[]

A complete listing is available through the Emblems Category.

Emblem BladeOfCrota Blade of Crota Purchase from Eris Morn at Crota's Bane Rank 3 for 1000 Glimmer with The Dark Below. Rare
Emblem Cassoid Cassoid Purchase from Eva Levante for 620 Glimmer. Uncommon
Emblem Crota'sEnd Crota's End Given upon completion of the Crota's End Raid. Legendary
Emblem CruxLomar Crux/Lomar Purchase from Eva Levante for 675 Glimmer. Uncommon
Emblem Daito Daito Purchase from Eva Levante for 475 Glimmer. Uncommon
Emblem ErisMorn Eris Morn Given to the player upon reaching Crota's Bane Rank 4. Rare
Emblem Hakke Häkke Purchase from Eva Levante for 395 Glimmer. Uncommon
Emblem Omolon Omolon Purchase from Eva Levante for 610 Glimmer. Uncommon
Emblem Suros Suros Purchase from Eva Levante for 480 Glimmer. Uncommon
Emblem TexMechanica Tex Mechanica Purchase from Eva Levante for 670 Glimmer. Uncommon


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