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Small-team tactics. Revive teammates to keep fighting. Bring down the entire opposing team to claim victory.

Elimination is a three vs. three Crucible mode, once used exclusively for Trials of Osiris, but has been made available for normal Crucible play.[1]

Teammates can revive each other, but cannot revive themselves. The first team to eliminate the other team wins the round. If neither team has been eliminated after the 2-minute time limit is up, a Control point will spawn on the map. The team that captures the point will win the round. If neither team captures the point within a certain period of time, whichever Guardian is the closest to the center of the point will win the round.After each round, the map is reset. The first team to win five rounds wins the match. Heavy ammo spawns at the beginning of the next round after a team has won three rounds.[2]


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