"A noble warrior requires a noble weapon. Prove yourself worthy of the Gjallarhorn, and you will become a part of its legend." —Lord Saladin
― In-game description

Echoes of the Past is a quest that precedes Beauty in Destruction, which ultimately rewards Gjallarhorn.

The quest is given upon breaking the seal of the Rise of Iron record book.

Quest StepsEdit

Step OneEdit

Quest step icon Await the Call
"Finish the Rise of Iron campaign."

Objectives: Complete the Rise of Iron quest.

Step TwoEdit

Quest step icon Patrol the Plaguelands
"Complete the Anomaly Scan patrol near Archon's Keep."

Objectives: Go to The Archon's Keep in Plaguelands patrol and do a Ghost scan patrol mission. This will take you to a location in Site 6, which will require a Splicer Key to access.


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