Fueled by the Void.
― In-game description

The EV-37 Voidstreak is a legendary Sparrow added along side the Sparrow Racing League event. It can be acquired from a Sparrow Toolkit which are earned from various quests and bounties as well as purchased from the Eververse Trading Company vendor.


EV-37 Voidstreak can be retrieved from one of the following activities/vendors:

Eververse source icon Eververse
This item is acquired from Tess Everis, the Eververse merchant, in the Tower.
Silver Dust source icon Silver Dust
This item can be obtained via Silver Dust, at the Silver Dust kiosk near the Eververse.
Sparrow Racing League source icon Sparrow Racing
This item is part of the Sparrow Racing event.
The Taken King source icon The Taken King
This item requires the Taken King expansion.


EV-37 Voidstreak can also be upgraded with the following perks:

Column 0Edit

Boost perk icon Boost
Hold to accelerate to higher speed.
Strafe Thrusters perk icon Strafe Thrusters
Use or and or for quick lateral movements.
Destabilizers perk icon Destabilizers
Use while airborne to release roll stabilizers, and to roll.


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