An in-game render of a Fallen Dreg.

Dreg is the lowest class of Fallen.


Unlike other classes of Fallen, Dregs possess only two arms to the usual four. Their lower standing within the Fallen hierarchy results in their resentment by other classes and the Dregs' second set of arms are docked and prevented from developing until they have proven themselves worthy to become Vandals. Otherwise, they are similar to other Fallen classes, albeit smaller due to lack of Ether, and sporting a large crest of hair.


Dregs usually carry Shock Daggers and Shock Pistols, occasionally using Shock Grenades, and rarely Shrapnel Launchers. They are undisciplined fighters, and will hiss and clatter, revealing their position. They seem to wear only light armor with little to no exo-atmospheric protection, and will melee at close ranges, though they aren't as strong as more elite Fallen variants.

Dregs can be seen riding Pikes.


Dregs are the lowest class of Fallen, but it appears that ranks are based on honor. Dregs have their arms removed as a sign of shame and disgrace, indicating that if they do not do well in battle, even a Captain can be downgraded to a mere Dreg. This process is called docking. However, if the Dreg proves themselves worthy, they will be allowed to regrow their second pair of arms and work their way up through the ranks once more.[1]

Most Dregs are cannon fodder and do not provide much in the way of resistance. However, what they lack in weaponry and skill, they make up for in numbers. A Guardian must take care to not be surrounded by too many, lest they be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. In addition, Dregs on Pikes should be considered a serious threat.


  • Elder Dreg
  • Feral Dreg
  • Noble Dreg
  • Reaver Dreg
  • Pike Dreg
  • Archon Servant


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