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The Devil Splicers are a sect of Fallen Splicers from the House of Devils that have been cybernetically augmented and enhanced by SIVA.[1]

History and Morphology[]

The House of Devils sent their most revered scientists, the Splicers, to investigate SIVA. As their knowledge of SIVA began to take shape, a rift grew between the tech-savvy leaders and the more ambitious members of the House of Devils' rank and file: the Devil Splicers. With that, the Devil Splicers took SIVA as a new god to worship, and found that evolution was a way to become one with the technology they worshiped.[1]

Killing them with a precision hit may cause a ball of SIVA energy known as a Splicer Seeker to emerge from the body of the dead Splicer and home in on the Guardian, causing moderate damage.


  • Dreg
    • Splicer Dreg
    • Enhanced Splicer Dreg
  • Vandal
    • Splicer Vandal
    • Enhanced Splicer Vandal
  • Captain
    • Splicer Captain
    • Enhanced Splicer Captain
    • Splicer Scorch Captain
    • Splicer Shock Captain
    • Null Captain
    • Fused Captain
    • Splicer Priest
  • Shank
    • Splicer Shank
  • Servitor
    • Splicer Servitor
  • Walker
    • Splicer Walker
    • Perfected Walker


In addition to their altered physical state, most of their armaments also undergo various changes, although other attributes of the weapons can also change:

  • Wire Rifles: Arc > Solar. Carried by Splicer Vandals. Fires in a three-round burst.
  • Shrapnel Launchers: Element remains the same. Carried by Splicer Captains and Vandals. Lower rate of fire with higher muzzle velocity.
  • Shock Rifle: Arc > Solar. Lower rate of fire with higher muzzle velocity.
  • Shock Pistol: Arc > Solar. Carried by Splicer Dregs. Bolts now travel in a zigzag instead of straight.
  • Eye Blast: Void > Solar. Used by Splicer Servitors. Fires in a multiple-round burst with some degree of tracking.
  • Walker Cannon: Element remains the same. Fires three slow-moving homing shots or seven rapidly-moving shots.
  • Walker Mines: Arc > Solar. Releases small SIVA clusters instead of bouncing mines.

Notable members[]