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Sock puppets are alternate accounts created by a user in order to confuse, deceive, or disrupt other users or administrators. Such accounts are strictly forbidden on Destiny Wiki. Multiple scenarios exist which are considered sock puppetry, these include but are not limited to:
  • Block evasion - Accounts made for the purpose of evading a wiki block or chat ban will be indefinitely blocked and the user's original account's ban extended.
  • False consensus - Accounts made in order to provide false votes and thus taint the true consensus will be indefinitely blocked, the votes removed, and the original account blocked.
  • Circumventing policies - Accounts made in order to avoid policies and their punishments will be indefinitely blocked. All punishments afforded by a policy will apply to the original account as well as the sock puppet account.
  • Causing disruption - Accounts made in order to troll or irritate a user or the community will be indefinitely blocked and the original account blocked.

As sock puppets can easily be confused with multiple accounts, there should only be one account per user. Users who are found in possession of multiple sock puppet accounts are at risk of being indefinitely excluded from the wiki with all their accounts being disabled and blocked.

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