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This page is official Destiny Wiki policy.
Remember, it is your responsibility as a user of the wiki to read, understand, and follow Destiny Wiki policies. When in doubt, ask an Administrator!

Policies are the rules and guidelines which help to ensure consistency of articles and protect the community's work from damage. All users, regardless of status and position, are expected to follow the policies, unless extenuating circumstances instruct otherwise. Policies are not set in stone and are available for constructive criticism, change, and/or removal as the community sees fit, so long as proper consensus has been met. The following is a list of all Destiny Wiki policies:

Site Policies

  • About - A quick overview of Destiny Wiki.
  • Blog Policy - Blogs should only be used for important Destiny and Destiny Wiki news, reviews, and opinions.
  • Chat Policy - The chat should be used for polite and enjoyable communication with other users.
  • General Disclaimer - Destiny Wiki is not affiliated with or officially approved by Bungie or Activision.
  • Manual of Style - All users should follow the manual of style to ensure consistency of articles.
  • Privacy Policy - Important information regarding what personal information Wikia takes and stores.
  • Talk Page Policy - Remember to title and sign any messages left on a talk page.

Article Policies

  • New Article Policy - Articles should concern a topic directly related to Destiny and be supported by reliable sources.
  • Citation Policy - All information should be sourced to ensure validity and avoid plagiarism.
  • Leak Policy - Leaked information is both prohibited from the wiki and illegal. Do not post it on articles!
  • Spoiler Policy - This wiki is filled with plot details and spoilers. Label them when possible and read with care.
  • Image Policy - Destiny Wiki isn't an image hosting site. Read before uploading.
  • Video Policy - Videos uploaded to Destiny Wiki should not be taken from sources without permission.

Community Policies

  • Asumme Good Faith - Users should always assume an edit was made in good faith.
  • Be Bold - Don't be afraid to take part, help edit, or vote on community decisions!
  • Equality Policy - All users regardless of position are given equal treatment and have equal say.
  • Multiple Accounts Policy - Users should possess no more than one account per person.
  • Parent Filter - A parents guide to Destiny and Destiny Wiki.
  • Sock Puppet Policy - Creating new accounts to circumvent a ban or block is strictly prohibited.
  • Wiki Etiquette - Be courteous and respectful to fellow users.
  • Site Moderation - Content that violates any of Destiny Wiki's policies will be removed.
  • Blocking Policy - Users who abuse Destiny Wiki or its users may be subject to a warning and/or block from the wiki.