This page is official Destiny Wiki policy.
Remember, it is your responsibility as a user of the wiki to read, understand, and follow Destiny Wiki policies. When in doubt, ask an Administrator!

The blog module is a social system on the wiki designed to allow users to convey detailed personal opinions, information, and news on selected topics relating to Destiny or the wiki itself. This policy has been put in place to prevent abuse of the system and clogging of the blog feed.

What to Post

  • News - News relating to Destiny, such as announcements, expansions, or game changes.
  • Opinions - Expressing detailed, non-biased personal opinions relating to Destiny.
  • Reviews - Detailed reviews on Destiny content, such as games, books, missions, weapons, etc.
  • Wiki News - News pertaining to the wiki or Wikia. Admin or Staff use only.

What not to Post

  • Short Blogs - Blogs should not be one sentence long; a rule of thumb is at least one paragraph.
  • Questions - Seeking information or consensus from the community should be kept to the forums or by use of top ten lists.
  • Wishlists - Blogs should not contain wishlists of items a user wants to have.
  • Introductions - Introductions should be kept to the introductions board on the forums.
  • Suggestions - Ideas for site improvements should be kept to the wiki board on the forums.
  • Game Ideas - Game ideas should be kept to the general discussion board.
  • Recruitment - Blogs must not be intended to recruit users to a clan, group, or website. Use the Community Forum instead.
  • Spam - Blogs must not contain gibberish or spam.
  • Abuse - Blogs must not be for the purpose of insulting users or inciting arguments.

Blogs vs. Forums

Forums should be the first choice of portal when attempting to communicate with the community. If you need help, want to offer suggestions and feedback, have a fun question for the community, or just want to chat, please use the forums! Blogs should only ever be used when you have important news pertaining to Destiny or the wiki, or if you have written a detailed opinion or review pertaining to Destiny material, such as games.

Using the Blog System

For guidance on creating and writing a blog within the guidelines, please see our blog help page - this page will guide you through using the blog system.

Disregarding Guidelines

Blogs which disregard these guidelines or are created for dishonest intents will be deleted immediately and the user warned. Multiple offences can lead to the user being blocked from the wiki on the grounds of vandalism.

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