This page is official Destiny Wiki policy.
Remember, it is your responsibility as a user of the wiki to read, understand, and follow Destiny Wiki policies. When in doubt, ask an Administrator!

Users should be bold and not afraid of editing due to the possibility of making mistakes! Making mistakes is inevitable with new users and our community understands that; so be bold and feel free to edit whenever you feel an article needs improvement or expansion. We will always assume that your contributions were made in good faith. Whenever you can take part in the wiki, you should do so without fear. This can encompass anything from editing articles to taking part in a vote - never be afraid of getting involved.

However, whilst being bold, users should also be careful. Be sure to read our manual of style and our Policies whenever they apply to a situation, as they will help prevent any disreputable mistakes from occurring and will help guide you into becoming a better editor. Users should also exercise common sense and not edit recklessly - adding an article to a category without any users complaining may not mean that all other articles like it have to be added to the category too. Edits which encompass a large number articles should always be ran by an administrator, as edits of these types can be difficult to revert if made in error. When in doubt always ask the community, we will be more than happy to help a new user!

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