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Destiny Selfie

Through a partnership with the Deep Space Communication Station in Florida, Activision used their high-amplitude, high frequency radio telescope to send fans' selfies "out of our Solar System."

The Destiny Selfie was a marketing campaign launched by the game's publisher Activision that asked Destiny fans to tweet a selfie to @DestinyTheGame with the usage of the hashtag, #DestinySelfie, with these selfies then being turned into signals which a "deep space satellite [would] broadcast into outer space," a signal that fans could monitor the status of online at The campaign formally commenced with a selfie taken by hip-hop icon Snoop Doog,[1] and continued during the week of E3 2014, and was used to generate hype for the game during the annual trade expo. Professional basketball players James Harden and Bradley Beal also tweeted a selfie of themselves for the campaign.[2][3]

The deadline for selfies to be sent to the game's Twitter handle, and onto space, was June 13, 2013, at exactly 7pm PST. The main website,, ceased to track the progress of selfies sent into space, but promised that "the ultra-slow degrading nature of our analog signal means that you selfie will live on for thousands of years. You'll become a legend in the stars."



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