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The Destiny First Look Alpha[1] was the alpha build of Destiny available to the public for testing originally from June 12 to June 15 of 2014, and extended for one day to introduce some ""dangerous" new experiments.[2] During the week of E3 2014, PlayStation 4 owners with PlayStation Plus membership were able to register for the alpha test at[3] The deadline for registration was June 11. Codes for the alpha testing were delivered the following day, via an on-console message and an email to the email address associated with the PlayStation Network ID entered,[1] at 12 noon PST.[1] Bungie confirmed the alpha would be open to all those who registered.[4] Players who had already played an earlier alpha test did not have to wait for a new email invitation; this access carried over into the latest alpha phase.[5]


The alpha test allowed players to create a character from one of Destiny's three player classes. Once inside the alpha, players started at level 4 and could earn XP to level up and earn new abilities, and advance all the way up to level 8. Alpha players could undertake story-based missions throughout Earth either by themselves or with online companions. Area exploration was possible, along with the acquisition of side quests from these areas. The Crucible, the game's competitive multiplayer, was also available.

Characters created in the Alpha will not be able to continue onto the next phase of testing.[6]



  • The Alpha was exactly 6.7GB.
  • Evan Nikolich, a designer for Destiny, revealed that the Alpha was less than 10 percent of the actual game's content.[7]
  • Bungie revealed that the alpha testing period of Destiny logged exactly 6,461,871 games since it launched on June 12. Other in-game statistics were:[8]

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