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The Revolution was here?!
[[File:Destiny Alpha logo.png|250px|thumb|The ''Destiny'' Alpha logo.]]
The '''''Destiny'' First Look Alpha'''<ref name="alpha faq">{{RefWebsite|website =|url =|title = PlayStation Greatness Awaits Destiny Alpha Registration and Info|accessed = June 14, 2014}}</ref> was an [[wikipedia:Software release life cycle#Alpha|alpha build]] of ''[[Destiny]]'' that had limited public availability for testing (originally from June 12 to June 15 of 2014, and extended for one day to introduce some "dangerous" new experiments).<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = @Bungie|year = June 16, 2014|url =|title = '''Bungie''': There's a rumor that the #Destiny ...|publisher = Twitter|accessed = June 16, 2014}}</ref> The alpha was playable for [[wikipedia:PlayStation 4|PlayStation 4]] and [[wikipedia:PlayStation 3|PlayStation 3]] platforms only, and after [[wikipedia:Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014|E3 2014]], owners of these platforms were able to register for the alpha test at<ref>{{RefWebsite|website = PS4 GreatnessAwaits |url =|title = Destiny Alpha FAQ|accessed = June 14, 2015}}</ref>
The deadline for registration was June 11. Codes for users accepted into the program were delivered the following day, via an on-console message and an email to the email address associated with the PlayStation Network ID entered,<ref name="alpha faq" /> at 12 noon [[wikipedia:Pacific Time Zone|PST]].<ref name="alpha faq" /> [[Bungie]] confirmed the alpha would be open to all those who registered.<ref>{{RefArticle
|lastname = @GuardiansofD|year = June 11, 2014|url =|title = '''GuardiansofDestiny''': Just confirmed with @DeeJ_BNG ...|publisher = Twitter|accessed = June 14, 2014}}</ref> Players who had already played an earlier alpha test did not have to wait for a new email invitation; this access carried over into the latest alpha phase.<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = Haas|firstname = Peter|year = June 11, 2014|url =|title = Destiny PS4 Alpha Test Launches Today, Everyone Will Get Invites|publisher =|accessed = June 14, 2014}}</ref>
== Overview ==
The alpha test allowed players to create a character from one of ''<nowiki>Destiny'</nowiki>''s three player classes. Once inside the alpha, players started at level 3 and could earn XP to level up and earn new abilities, and advance all the way up to level 8. Alpha players could undertake story-based missions throughout [[Earth]] either by themselves or with online companions. [[Patrol|Area exploration]] was possible, along with the acquisition of side quests from these areas. The [[Crucible]], the game's competitive multiplayer, was also available.
Characters created in the alpha did not continue into the [[Destiny Public Beta|''Destiny'' Public Beta]].<ref>{{RefArticle
|lastname = @Bungie|year = June 15, 2014|url =|title = '''Bungie''': Alpha Characters will not survive ...|publisher = Twitter|accessed = June 20, 2014}}</ref>
== Trivia ==
* In the [[Story Mission|story mission]] [[The Dark Within]], the [[Ghost]]'s line "[ that Wizard came from the moon]" gained infamy among the ''[[Destiny]]'' fan base.<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = Kuchera|firstname = Ben|year = June 17, 2014|url =|title = Destiny's worst bit is one of our favorite actors, and we're worried|publisher = Polygon|accessed = June 21, 2014}}</ref> The phrase became so popular that [[Bungie]] made the meme into a t-shirt.<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = DeeJ|year = June 20, 2014|url =|title = Bungie Weekly Update - 06/20/2014|publisher =|accessed = June 21, 2014}}</ref><ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = Hernandez|firstname = Patricia|year = June 20, 2014|url =|title = Bungie Turns Peter Dinklage Destiny Meme Into A T-Shirt|publisher = Kotaku Australia|accessed = June 21, 2014}}</ref> Within an hour, the shirt went on to become the best-selling item among the available inventory in the [ Bungie Store].<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = @Bungie|year = June 20, 2014|url =|title = Bungie: In one hour, this became the ...|publisher = Twitter|accessed = June 21, 2014}}</ref>
* Bungie revealed that the alpha testing period of ''Destiny'' logged exactly 6,461,871 games since it launched on June 12. Other in-game statistics were:<ref>{{RefArticle|lastname = DeeJ|year = June 20, 2014|url =|title = Bungie Weekly Update - 06/20/2014|publisher =|accessed = June 21, 2014}}</ref>
** 149,522,313 [[Primary Weapon]] kills
** 21,782,610 Secondary Weapon kills
** 4,002,737 [[Heavy Weapon]] kills
** 21,687,298 [[Super Ability]] kills
** 2,819,211 [[Orb of Light|Orbs of Light]] gathered
** 6,850,773 [[Control]] points captured in the [[Crucible]]
** 1,195 Deathless Medals awarded in the Crucible
** 4,356 Splatters with the [[Sparrow]]
** 667,966 [[Public Event]]s joined
** 60,491,944 [[Fallen]] [[Dreg]]s "dispatched with Extreme Prejudice"
Destiny Alpha download ready.png|6.7GB.
TWCFTM t-shirt_art.jpg|T-shirt art.
== See Also ==
* ''[[Destiny]]''
* [[Destiny Public Beta]]
== References ==
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The Revolution was here?!

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