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Destiny is a role-playing first person shooter video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision for the PlayStation 3,[6] PlayStation 4,[7] Xbox 360,[6] and Xbox One consoles.[8] It was released on September 9, 2014 everywhere outside Japan,[4] where it was released on September 11, 2014 and only for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.[5]


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Ocean of Storms

Bungie and Activision describe Destiny as a "shared world shooter," stating that the game really does not fit squarely into other genres such as FPS, RPG, or MMO.[9][10] The game can be played solo or in small groups called "fireteams" if the player chooses, with significant parts of the game using matchmaking to ensure that the player is rarely alone. Advancement in the game focuses on obtaining progressively more powerful gear, with minimal reliance on other players to progress.

Game Modes

Destiny features several cooperative and competitive game modes. For a complete list, see the Activities category.


The stories tell of a golden age long ago, when our civilization spanned the system. It was a bright and hopeful time. But it didn't last.

Something hit us. Knocked us down and tried to stamp us out. No one knows exactly what, but we do know this: very few of us survived, and those that did owe their lives to The Traveler.

Legends say The Traveler sacrificed itself to save us. The mysterious sphere still hangs where it made its last stand, low above the Earth, keeping silent watch.

The years that followed the collapse of the golden age were hard, but slowly we joined together to build a city beneath The Traveler. And now we've begun to venture back into the wild, only to find that we're not alone. Strange and deadly creatures have occupied our old worlds. And they're pressing hard against The City, probing for a weakness, trying to stamp us out for good.

Your story begins at this moment of great adventure and peril. You are a Guardian of The City; a soldier able to wield some of The Traveler's incredible power. If you can find a way to save The City -- to reclaim all that we have lost -- you will become legend. If you fail, the last light of civilization will go out.

— Reveal Trailer - Official Destiny ViDoc: Pathways Out of Darkness[11]

For more information about the story and events of Destiny, please visit the Events category page.


The traveller

The Traveler hovering over the Earth's surface.

Destiny is set in the distant future, after an event referred to as the Collapse ended the Golden Age that was started by the discovery of The Traveler, and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. The force responsible for the Collapse is known as The Darkness, and indirectly acts as the primary antagonist. Battles against the forces of The Darkness are fought at various locations throughout the Solar System.


The game begins with the player's Ghost resurrecting them as a Guardian, after having been dead for an unknown length of time. The Guardian is quickly forced to fight Fallen who have inhabited the ruins of the nearby Cosmodrome in Old Russia. The Guardian, with the aid of their Ghost, is able to secure a jumpship and escape to The Tower that houses the Guardians on The City border.

After being outfitted and introduced to the Vanguard, and Gunsmith, the duo learn from Amanda Holliday that their Arcadia Class Jumpship is missing its Warp Drive, a component necessary for interplanetary travel. Due to the scarcity of the part and flyable jumpships in general, the Guardian is forced to return to where they found the ship in an attempt to find the part.

When they return to the Cosmodrome, the duo begin their search. They quickly learn from an old terminal that there may be a Warp Drive where they first found the jumpship, in Dock 13. As the Guardian approaches, their Ghost detects a Warp Drive, which has unfortunately already been scavenged by the Fallen. With no other feasible option, the Guardian pushes forward and engages the Fallen, defeating the Fallen Archon, Riksis in the process.

Upon their to The Tower, the duo meets The Speaker, who explains how The Traveler, in its dying breath, created the Ghosts to seek out those who can wield its Light as a weapon, to protect humanity against the mysterious force known as The Darkness, which crippled The Traveler in its last encounter. He then explains how The Darkness has returned and that humanity will not survive this time. The Guardian, wanting to help, is told to join the others fighting back against The Darkness on Earth and beyond.

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A Titan Guardian riding a Pike.

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Destiny launched simultaneously on September 9, 2014 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles worldwide,[4][12] except for in Japan, where Destiny was exclusively released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.[5] Through a deal with Sony, Destiny has several pieces of exclusive playable content for Sony platforms.[13] Destiny has not been announced for any other platform, and Bungie has stated that developing the game for other platforms would spread the company too thin (though the developer has not ruled out the possibility of a launch on PC at some point in the future).[14][15]

Though the launch date was originally expected to be in Q3/Q4 2013,[12] it was delayed.[16] Bungie launched limited alpha and public beta tests during the summer of 2014 and confirmed Destiny's launch date to be September 9, 2014.[4]

Limited Editions

In addition to the standard edition, several special editions of Destiny were made available, designed for collectors and including additional items.[17] These editions were:


PlayStation Exclusives

Outrageous Fortune

"Outrageous Fortune", a timed exclusive Jumpship for PlayStation players.

Destiny launched with several timed exclusive items for PlayStation users, including Crucible maps, Strikes, Armor, and Weapons.[18][19] There has been no confirmation as to how long these items will remain exclusive to PlayStation platforms.[20]

The two Destiny expansion packs (The Dark Below and House of Wolves) also contain content that remained exclusive until the release of The Taken King.[21]

The following are the launch exclusives for PlayStation:[18]


Despite being a persistent world game with MMO elements, there is no subscription fee for Destiny,[9][22] however microtransactions were introduced with an update that added the Eververse Trading Company.[14]


Destiny generally received mixed-to-positive reviews. The game received a 76 out of 100 (PlayStation 4 version) on both review aggregator sites Metacritic and GameRankings,[23][24] with critics generally praising its gameplay mechanics, artwork, and music, but criticizing its storyline, missions, and investment system.[25][26]

In the months after Destiny's launch, follow-up criticisms have also been mixed-to-positive, praising Bungie's responsiveness to exploits and serious player concerns, but claiming a continued lack of storyline and variety.[27][28]


On September 10, 2014, Activision claimed that Destiny was the most successful new gaming franchise launch in history, as the game shipped more than $500 million to retail stores and first-parties worldwide.[29] As of February 5, 2015, the game has 16 million registered players, and of the active accounts playing the game, players average over three hours of gameplay per day.[30]

Destiny was the third best-selling retail game in the United States in 2014.[30]


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The soundtrack is composed by Martin O'Donnell in collaboration with Michael Salvatori and Paul McCartney,[31] and is largely composed of orchestral and choral themes that match the mood and intensity of particular situations in the game.




The original Destiny trademark as registered in 2009.

The Destiny trademark was registered on July 20, 2009 by a privately held Bungie affiliate,[32] and has since been assigned to Bungie.[33]

Within Bungie, the project's codename prior to reveal was "Tiger."[34] For months, Bungie itself was silent as to the title of its new project, but on February 10, 2013, confirmed the name "Destiny" via a news post on its front page.[35]

On February 17, 2013, in coordination with a media blitz, Bungie and Activision officially revealed Destiny through a video documentary and reveal trailer entitled Pathways Out of Darkness.

Achievements and Trophies

For a list of achievements and trophies that can be earned in Destiny, please view the following article:


Halo 3 ODST Easter Egg

A screenshot from Halo 3: ODST teasing at Destiny.

  • Destiny was teased in Bungie's 2009 video game Halo 3: ODST, over three years before Destiny's official announcement.[36] Former Bungie employee Vic DeLeon responded that it has "finally been found" when a screenshot of the teaser surfaced online.[37]
  • As of August 12, 2014, Destiny has set a video game industry record as the most pre-ordered new franchise.[38]



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