Dead Orbit is one of the three factions of The City, committed to leaving Earth for a new homeworld. The Dead Orbit logo can be seen around The City. Dead Orbit's representative in the Tower, Arach Jalaal, is a vendor who sells Dead Orbit-themed weapons and armor for use by Guardians in the Crucible.[1]


Dead Orbit wants to abandon The City.[2] Members of Dead Orbit intend to escape the dying Earth before The Darkness returns, as they've given up on The Traveler and put little faith in The City's ability to hold out against a major attack. While they recognize that such a move could be very costly in terms of lives, they see no other alternative for survival, and instead put their faith in finding enough Golden Age technology in vaults and abandoned shipyards to allow them to escape and find a new homeworld. They are even willing to cross New Monarchy's legal authority to achieve this end, but they also recognize they will need to bring Guardians to their cause in order to fight against any future threats. In addition, while walking around the Tower, occasionally Arach Jalaal will say, "we need this for our fleet."[citation needed]

Among Guardians, Dead Orbit's technicians have a reputation for producing finely-tuned weapons.[3] Dead Orbit shaders are obtained through packages when ranking up (after rank 3).



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